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SoCal Regionals Fighting Tournament Begins Today - Pro Gamers Chat About the Game
tournament , regionals , socal , chat , begins
Four of the greatest Super Street Fighter IV players in the world – Justin Wong, Marn, Mike Ross, and GamerBee – will be attending this weekend?s Southern California Regionals tournament in.... Ler mais
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Publicada em 07/11/2010
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12 / novembro 20:11
SoCal Regionals Top 3 Moments - Looking Back At The Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament
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The SoCal Regionals were last weekend, and with all the fun stuff that happened at the tournament it was hard for us to narrow it down to only the top three moments. Check after the break to see what got us out of our seats screaming and cheering, and in other cases dropping our jaws in speechles...

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22 / novembro 21:15
Ricky Ortiz Wins NorCal Regionals
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Evil Geniuses' Ricky Ortiz came out on top at North California Regionals this weekend. In his first match of the Super Street Fighter IV singles top 8 tournament he was playing against Borderland Gaming's Vance "Vangief" Wu. He lost the first game while playing his staple character, Rufus. In an ...

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NorCal Regionals NorCal vs. SoCal Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament
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The NorCal vs. SoCal 5v5 event started a few weeks ago at the SoCal Regionals tournament. Since Street Fighter tournaments originated in Northern California, a lot of people went in expecting NorCal to represent. What they didn?t expect was Justin Wong to come out of nowhere and OCV (one characte...

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The World's Best Champions To Compete At Southern California Regionals This Weekend
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Just a friendly reminder: the Southern California Regionals, one of the year?s biggest fighting game tournaments, is happening this weekend in sunny SoCal, and will be bringing you the live stream from the 2-day competition event starting on Saturday. To ensure fighting game fanatics hav...

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NorCal Regionals Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Grand Finals
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The hype got started early Sunday morning at NorCal Regionals with the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix tournament. In the winners bracket finals, Team Mad Catz?s Daigo Umehara (Guile) was facing off against Alex Valle (Ryu), and, using tons of hop kicks to get over Ryu?s slides, Daigo was a...

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09 / novembro 22:40
SoCal Regionals SSF4 Final Championship Match -- Filipino Champ vs. Daigo Umehara
socal, regionals, champ, filipino, umehara
SoCal Regionals is over and if you didn't watch the live stream over the weekend, then shame on you. However, I will forgive you for missing out on an incredible fighting tournament by presenting you with the full SoCal Regionals Super Street Fighter IV final match between the Filipino Champ and ...

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