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25 / agosto 14:39
cerimônia, emmy, sony, television, awards
Canal oferece, também, um hot site exclusivo com todos os detalhes da premiação    O Sony Entertainment Television transmitirá ao vivo, no dia 29 de agosto, domingo, a festa mais importante da televisão mundial, o Emmy Awards. A cerimônia de premiação chega a 62ª edição e deve reunir, em Los An...

Blog Line-UP - TV Noticias  |  
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14 / janeiro 16:56
série, ouro, television, ator, axn
Mais uma vez as séries exibidas pelos canais do grupo Sony Pictures Television marcam presença entre as principais indicações de um dos mais importantes prêmios da televisão mundial, o Globo de Ouro.   Em 2011, ano em que a premiação completa 68 edições, a série 30 Rock, exibida no Brasil pelo ca...

Blog Line-UP - TV Noticias  |  
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18 / abril 11:15
Fotos de "RdM: Parte 2" lançadas na Entertainment Weekly agora em alta qualidade!
filmes, relíquias, morte
(Notícia originalmente publicada em 15/04/2011, às 21h23.) Ontem divulgamos aqui no ScarPotter scans da revista estadunidense Entertainment Weekly, que em sua edição deste mês traz matérias e fotos exclusivas do último filme da série 'Harry Potter', "Harry Potter e as Relíquias da Morte - Parte ...

ScarPotter (Harry Potter)  |  
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12 / dezembro 17:25
'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Spinoffs... Is Your State Next?
palin, sarah, alaska, next, state
Sarah Palin?s Alaska made a big splash in the ratings when it debuted on TLC, and immediately became the network?s first significant program not based solely on our voyeuristic appetite for the exploitation of medical conditions (?Little People, Big World?), fringe religious practices (?Sister Wi... Top News  |  
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16 / novembro 12:13
Streaming on Now
music, news
Groban's beautiful, golden voice has entranced and ensnared  |  
57 acessos
05 / novembro 20:56
That Metal Show?
music, news
This Saturday's episode of That Metal Show will feature Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen. Tune in at 11 PM ET to watch the full ep, but in the meantime, check out the link below for a sneak peak of the scintillating interview, where Collen talks about Florida strippers and the future of the band!  |  
87 acessos
20 / novembro 18:22
série, track, collectors, novidades, retrô
Novidades na área, a Hot Wheels lançou a Série Collectors Retrô Entertainment para o ano de 2013, esta talvez seja uma das melhores séries collectors dos últimos anos, ela foca miniaturas que fizeram parte de vários filmes no cinema e na tv e desenhos animados, Acompanhem as imagens do K.I.T.T. q...

Hot Kengas Group Brasil  |  
42 acessos
28 / abril 14:58
Novos Stills de Edward e Bella em Amanhecer + Robert e Kristen na Entertainment Weekly
bella, taylor, pattinson, jacob, stewart
a revista americana Entertainment Weekly divulgou a tão badalada capa do próximo mês, com Robert Pattinson e Kristen Stewart divulgando o filme Amanhecer. A Entertainment Weekly acaba de divulgar duas imagens de Robert Pattinson e Kristen Stewart na capa da revista em sua edição de Maio...

Twilight Nessie  |  
86 acessos
28 / abril 14:58
Novos Stills de Edward e Bella em Amanhecer + Robert e Kristen na Entertainment Weekly
bella, taylor, pattinson, jacob, stewart
a revista americana Entertainment Weekly divulgou a tão badalada capa do próximo mês, com Robert Pattinson e Kristen Stewart divulgando o filme Amanhecer. A Entertainment Weekly acaba de divulgar duas imagens de Robert Pattinson e Kristen Stewart na capa da revista em sua edição de Maio...

Twilight Nessie  |  
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16 / novembro 14:20
A to Be Broadcast Via Ustream on December 2
music, news
A with internationally renowned singer and songwriter Josh Groban will be broadcast live on Ustream exclusively for fans...with one easy stipulation! Fans who purchase a physical CD copy of Groban's new album Illuminations will be able to participate in the viewing and  |  
74 acessos
23 / setembro 16:27
Reissue Bumped to Next Year
music, news
The NME reports that Sony Music has bumped the reissue of George Michael's Faith album to next year. It was originally on schedule for the end of the month, but given the fact that Michael is headed to jail for a month after he was caught with cannabis again, moving it seems like the smart decision,  |  
70 acessos
15 / novembro 15:12
50 Cent Subject of Lawsuit
music, news
Jackson, accusing the rapper of copyright infringement and unfair competition. This one is particularly ugly, as Winstead says Fitty stole the plot and theme of his 2008 book, The Preachers Son ? But the Streets Turned Me  |  
80 acessos
05 / novembro 21:43
Bret Michaels Stars in Diabetes PSA
music, news
2010 was the year where Bret Michaels' health eclipsed his music in the media! After suffering from a brain hemorrhage, the public's sympathy was directed at the singer. However, Michaels is appearing in a new public service announcement that hopes to raise awareness about diabetes, from which he  |  
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15 / novembro 16:08
J.K. Rowling Sees More Harry Potter in Our Future
music, news
If in ten years'  |  
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15 / novembro 17:30
David Bowie's Wife Says He is Busy Not Doing Music
music, news
I will not make him do it because we love him so much that we want  |  
119 acessos
23 / setembro 16:05
Rival Schools to Tour With Gaslight Anthem
music, news
band, The Gaslight Anthem. The shows kick off with a stop at New York City's legendary Radio City Music Hall.  |  
105 acessos
05 / novembro 21:56
Backstreet Boys to Tour With New Kids on the Block
music, news
It's a battle of the boy bands, as New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys will partner up for a co-headlining tour. The bands' first televised joint appearance will be on November 21 when they perform live at the 2010 American Music Awards. Which is your favorite boy band? Backstreet Boys or  |  
152 acessos
21 / setembro 16:59
Bruno Mars Arrested on Suspicion of Drug Possession
music, news
Pop music dynamo Bruno Mars, AKA Peter Hernandez, was arrested Sunday in Las Vegas on suspicion of narcotics possession, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. The Las Vegas police department told the paper that Mars, who has worked closely with B.o.B. and Travie McCoy as well as on his own solo  |  
78 acessos
15 / novembro 17:51
Mariah Carey Dominating the Holiday Music Charts
music, news
With a new baby on the way and a new Christmas album in stores, life is pretty festive for the lovely and talented Mariah Carey. Carey is absolutely dominating the holiday music charts, as she is currently sitting pretty in the #1 and #2 spots on the Billboard holiday chart. The #1 slot is occupied  |  
132 acessos
15 / novembro 17:35
Behind the Sound: DJ Destructo Talks Making HARD Happen
music, news
#91;December 31st, 2010, at The Music  |  
137 acessos
07 / janeiro 21:10
Sean Penn Says Robin Wright Took Half in Divorce
music, news
I got practical issues ... I had just got taken for one half of everything I had  |  
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05 / novembro 19:53
Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown Band to Tour Next Year
music, news
What's going to be  |  
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15 / novembro 15:02
Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, Hollywood Undead to Tour
music, news
Avenged Sevenfold and Stone Sour apparently like each other very much! The UPROAR tour mates will be hitting the road again this January with Hollywood Undead for a winter trek across this great nation of ours, blanketing secondary markets with pure rock fury. Dates are below. Thursday, January 20,  |  
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16 / fevereiro 19:10
Star Wars em imagens
filmes, cinema, star, wars
A revista norte-americana Entertainment Weekly trouxe para todos os fãs de Star Wars novas imagens inéditas e incríveis do filme que está fazendo sucesso em todo o mundo. Confira!

Arte em Revista  |  
12 acessos
27 / janeiro 12:47
Don't miss Cirque du Soleil and Les Misérables
du, don, les, misérables, soleil
World-famous circus, award-winning musical will be entertainment highlights of the 2010 RI Convention in Montréal

Rotary International  |  
40 acessos
01 / outubro 15:04
Will Harry Potter Return? Rowling Says Maybe
Could Harry Potter return? JK Rowling tells Winfrey he's still in her head. Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling - Oprah Winfrey - Entertainment - Beatle

ABC News: Top Stories  |  
156 acessos
14 / julho 20:19
Nintendo anuncia o Nintendo Classic Mini
nintendo, mini, classic, anuncia, preço
A Nintendo anunciou o regresso de seu console de 8-bits, o Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), para o dia 11 de Novembro com um preço de 59,99 dólares. Ainda não se sabe qual será o seu preço em Reais.

Blog ultracombobrasilgmail  |  
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29 / abril 15:50
stills, amanhecer, weekly, logo, divulgou
A revista Entertainment Weekly divulgou stills oficiais de Amanhecer! Novembro, chega logo!!!

Everything About Twilight  |  
51 acessos
15 / dezembro 13:35
Streisand Opens Up to Robin Roberts
Entertainment legend Barbara Streisand has done it all. During her career spanning five decades, Streisand has conquered the big screen, the Broadway stage and the recording studio ? creating hit after hit and selling out concert tours around the globe. She had strong motivation to make it in the...

ABC News: Top Stories  |  
183 acessos
22 / março 12:59
Diablo 3
diablo, iii, esperar, conheçam, responsável
Os fãs já não aguentam mais esperar, mas falta pouco para que, enfim, todos conheçam Diablo III. Dia 15 de maio de 2012 é a data anunciada pela Blizzard Entertainment (empresa responsável pela produção do jogo), pondo fim a uma espera de pelo menos quatro anos, quando a terceira parte da série f...

Blog syber  |  
31 acessos
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