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18 / fevereiro 17:45
E! Entertainment Television prepara um domingo especial com as divas do cinema: Elizabeth Taylor ...
taylor, liza, minelli, elizabeth, hollywood
No próximo domingo, 20 de fevereiro, o canal E! Entertainment Television apresenta o DIA D: LEGENDS. O especial sobre as lendas do cinema começa às 22h com o True Hollywood Story : Elizabeth Taylor. O programa mostrará a trajetória da diva vencedora do Oscar de melhor atriz por duas vezes. Com s...

Blog Line-UP - TV Noticias  |  
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29 / abril 15:55
Scans da revista Entertainment Weekly com novas imagens de Amanhecer!
weekly, scans, amanhecer, imagens, revista

Everything About Twilight  |  
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18 / abril 11:15
Fotos de "RdM: Parte 2" lançadas na Entertainment Weekly agora em alta qualidade!
filmes, relíquias, morte
(Notícia originalmente publicada em 15/04/2011, às 21h23.) Ontem divulgamos aqui no ScarPotter scans da revista estadunidense Entertainment Weekly, que em sua edição deste mês traz matérias e fotos exclusivas do último filme da série 'Harry Potter', "Harry Potter e as Relíquias da Morte - Parte ...

ScarPotter (Harry Potter)  |  
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08 / janeiro 14:59
Ataque à Sony Pictures Entertainment: Conheça a História
A sociedade precisa repensar a forma como olha para a cibersegurança. A ideia de um sistema 100% seguro é uma utopia, no entanto, não devemos parar de procurar melhorar a segurança. Qualquer sistema online está vulnerável a ataques. Muitas das vezes, o perigo já está dentro da rede, por ações de ...

Tecno Ninja  |  
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20 / novembro 11:16
Week's Best Entertainment Videos
A look at the week's top celebrity clips.

ABC News: Top Stories  |  
964 acessos
21 / outubro 18:49
12 Nostalgic Halloween Specials You Can Watch For Free
halloween, free, nostalgic, specials, tootin
Buffy? Check. Bewitched? Yep. The Jetsons? Darn tootin'. South Park? You betcha. Charlie Brown? What do you mean, NO? Top News  |  
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19 / outubro 06:37
Embracing The Brits: Your Guide to Watching British TV Online
guide, british, watching, tv, embracing
British humor (or humour, if you want to get technical) isn?t for everybody. The jokes and delivery tend to be dry, cultural references often get lost in translation, and many shows feature laugh tracks that make the ones on Two and a Half Men sound discreet. But it's also awesome. Here's a guide... Top News  |  
55 acessos
05 / novembro 12:58
Sally Field As Spider-Man's Aunt May? No Mary Jane in Reboot?
may, field, spiderman, aunt, sally
On the heels of yesterday's news that Martin Sheen would be stepping into the shoes of Peter Parker's doomed Uncle Ben in 'Spider-Man,' The Hollywood Reporter filed an exclusive report this morning that 'Brothers and Sisters' star Sally Field is "in talks" to take up the role of Parker's beloved ... Top News  |  
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20 / outubro 08:02
Zoe Saldana Resurrects The "Risque" Calvin Klein TV Spot
spot, calvin, saldana, klein, zoe
The first time I watched Saldana?s Calvin Klein spot?for underwear, for a scent, for the overall CK brand, is there seriously a separation between these things anymore??I couldn?t figure out why she signed on for it. Surely she didn?t need the money or the exposure; she just appeared in the highe... Top News  |  
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15 / novembro 16:16
music, news
The track listing for Michael Jackson's forthcoming posthumous release, simply titled Michael, is available and we've got it for you here at ARTISTdirect. Jackson is the biggest pop star of the past 30 years and he continues to live in our hearts with his legacy, past and present. The tracks on  |  
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07 / janeiro 21:31
on March 22
music, news
Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and record producer Raphael Saadiq has announced the release of his fifth solo album, the cleverly and playfully titled Stone Rollin', on March 22nd, 2011 on Columbia Records. Known for defying the confines of working within one genre, this standard bearer for  |  
78 acessos
25 / outubro 17:26
DVD on October 26
music, news
New West Records will release R.E.M. Live From Austin, TX tomorrow. It's a DVD that contains the full live performance of the band's concert for PBS' Austin City Limits television series, plus three songs that didn't air on the original broadcast. So it's R.E.M.'s PBS special, only supersized. The  |  
46 acessos
05 / novembro 19:14
Broadway Show May Be Delayed
music, news
Broadway's Spider-Man, which features music from U2's Bono and The Edge, and is the most expensive production in Broadway's history and it will probably get a lot costlier. It looks like the show will delayed and not open to previews on November 14, according to The New York Times. The production is  |  
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15 / novembro 17:19
Them Crooked Vultures Will Do a Second Album
music, news
gonna  |  
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20 / setembro 18:57
T.I. Summoned by Federal Judge in Atlanta
music, news
The Associated Press reports that rapper T.I. is expected to appear before a federal judge in Atlanta to explain why his probation shouldn't be revoked after his recent arrest in Los Angeles. Tip is going to have quite a bit of explaining to do to the judge. U.S. District Judge Charles Pannell Jr.  |  
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08 / agosto 08:12
A História dos Vídeo Games #12: O Nintendo Entertainment System e a ressurreição da indústria
games, vídeo, história, nintendo, nes
Na última edição da coluna A História dos Vídeo Games, pudemos perceber que a indústria dos vídeo games perdera tanto sua força que os computadores começaram a assumir o papel de principal aparelho de entretenimento para muitas famílias. O MSX foi o maior símbolo dessa época nos Japão e América d...

Nintendo Blast  |  
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05 / novembro 21:56
Backstreet Boys to Tour With New Kids on the Block
music, news
It's a battle of the boy bands, as New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys will partner up for a co-headlining tour. The bands' first televised joint appearance will be on November 21 when they perform live at the 2010 American Music Awards. Which is your favorite boy band? Backstreet Boys or  |  
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01 / outubro 14:27
Elton John and Leon Russell to Tour
music, news
Elton John and Leon Russell will be embarking on a U.S. tour in support of The Union, the duo's aptly-titled collaborative album to be released October 19. The concerts will feature Elton John and Leon Russell performing their hits, including selections from The Union. The album marks the first time  |  
63 acessos
07 / janeiro 19:01
Lost in the Trees to Tour With Neko Case
music, news
Innovative music collective Lost in the Trees will be taking their ambitious and emotionally evocative sound on the road today. On several nights of their tour itinerary, the group will be opening for celebrated singer-songwriter Neko Case for what will assuredly be some of the 2011's most exciting  |  
117 acessos
05 / novembro 21:31
Scarlett Johansson to Play Sexy Alien
music, news
With her curvy, voluptuous body and pillowy lips, Scarlett Johansson is the modern epitome of blonde bombshell and of old Hollywood glamour and beauty! She will use her assets to her advantage in Under the Skin, a sci-fi drama in which she will play a sexy alien. The company behind the film said  |  
127 acessos
07 / janeiro 21:23
Jaime Pressly Arrested For DUI Suspicion
music, news
Blonde sitcom star Jaime Pressly of My Name is Earl fame was arrested late Wednesday night on suspicion of drunk driving. Tsk, tsk. She's a mom, so this is very irresponsible behavior. Pressly, 33, was driving in Santa Monica at about 11 PM. when she was pulled over by police after allegedly  |  
74 acessos
16 / novembro 13:57
Exclusive Rascal Flatts Video Interview
music, news
Country superstars Rascal Flatts have a new album out, Nothing Like This, and they engaged in an intimate chat with ARTISTdirect to promote the new tunes. We know, we're generous souls! In this exclusive video interview, the trio talks about how music is literally life for them and how they'd  |  
160 acessos
01 / abril 15:42
games, bandai, filme, souls, releases
Vozes obscuras vem sussurrando as notícias das sombras, Dark Souls III está chegando à suas televisões em VHS no dia [?] O post BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT AMERICA INC. ANUNCIA O LANÇAMENTO DE DARK SOULS III ? O FILME EM VHS apareceu primeiro no FD Comunicação.

FD Comunicação  |  
2 acessos
07 / janeiro 21:18
Christina Milian Opens Up About Failed Marriage to The-Dream
music, news
Christina Milian has finally opened up her mouth about her marriage to and split from singer/songwriter The-Dream. Turns out, the marriage was a bad(The-)Dream! Previously, Milian had taken the high road, despite the fact that her husband publicly cheated on her! Milian is this month's  |  
96 acessos
15 / abril 13:50
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment América traz quatro amados clássicos dos fliperamas para PSN, Xbox Liv...
pac, clássicos, games, bandai, releases
Somente os melhores jogos tornam-se verdadeiros clássicos, e a BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. é residência de alguns dos mais populares [?] O post BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment América traz quatro amados clássicos dos fliperamas para PSN, Xbox Live e STEAM apareceu primeiro no FD Comunicação.

FD Comunicação  |  
1 acesso
15 / novembro 17:35
Behind the Sound: DJ Destructo Talks Making HARD Happen
music, news
#91;December 31st, 2010, at The Music  |  
117 acessos
07 / janeiro 21:04
Lady Gaga Plays Impromptu NYC Gig on Wednesday Night
music, news
Someone to Watch  |  
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10 / janeiro 08:30
Com UltraViolet, os downloads podem correr em qualquer máquina
A DECE (Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem) anunciou na CES, de Las Vegas, que o  UltraViolet, um sistema de DRM multiplataforma, vai estar disponível no começo do próximo Verão.

DoMelhor: publicadas  |  
392 acessos
20 / fevereiro 00:00
Demo de Yakuza 3 esta na PS Store

A Sony Computer Entertainment atualizou nesta quinta-feira (18) a PlayStation Store, canal de distribuição de conteúdo da rede online do PlayStation 3 e PSP...

PROJETO DETONE - Detonados, dicas, cdigos, truq...  |  
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29 / abril 15:50
stills, amanhecer, weekly, logo, divulgou
A revista Entertainment Weekly divulgou stills oficiais de Amanhecer! Novembro, chega logo!!!

Everything About Twilight  |  
57 acessos
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