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10 / dezembro 13:35
New Theme: Toolbox
?Roads? Where we?re going we don?t need roads.? ?Dr. Emmett Brown The streets of the future probably won?t be filled with flying cars and hover boards but the Web will be filled with more semantic content thanks to new markup elements introduced in HTML5. Today?s new theme will let you take advan... News  |  
131 acessos
18 / janeiro 12:42
New Theme: Beach
I love winter and I bet you do too but if you?re like me you probably don?t like the cold very much. You might be wishing you could take a trip to a beach somewhere right about now. Well, if you can?t make it to the beach yourself how about taking your blog there? Today?s new theme, Beach, will l... News  |  
160 acessos
09 / agosto 11:59
New Theme: Coraline
I?m really excited about today?s new theme, Coraline. It?s a familiar-looking theme packed with upgrades that will make your blog more customizable and more fun. The Coraline Theme As you might have guessed, this will be a replacement for the Cutline theme, which we?re phasing out. Since Coralin... News  |  
155 acessos
09 / agosto 11:59
New Theme: Coraline
I?m really excited about today?s new theme, Coraline. It?s a familiar-looking theme packed with upgrades that will make your blog more customizable and more fun. The Coraline Theme As you might have guessed, this will be a replacement for the Cutline theme, which we?re phasing out. Since Coralin... News  |  
200 acessos
21 / setembro 12:50
New Theme: Fusion
I?m proud to introduce you to Fusion, our newest theme. The versatility of this theme makes it great for a variety of uses including technical blogs, long-form writing, posting code samples, and displaying large images. You can use Fusion just like any other theme or, if you prefer ... News  |  
143 acessos
22 / junho 13:08
New Theme: Koi
Say hello to Koi, our newest theme. This light and colorful theme provides a beautiful framework for your site with delicate, hand-drawn illustrations and refined typography. The tasteful artwork featured in the header and footer are suggestive of koi, an ornamental fish often consi... News  |  
156 acessos
27 / outubro 11:12
New Theme: zBench
Today?s new, feature-packed Theme has a really polished design that can give your blog a more technical look—without appearing too cold. I think you?ll really like it. Let?s take a look at zBench. The zBench Theme in action zBench has a lot of great features that make personalizing your bl... News  |  
163 acessos
16 / agosto 12:54
New Theme: Oulipo
Are you tired of clutter? Are you looking for a theme that puts the focus on your content and gets out of the way? Meet Oulipo, our newest theme. Oulipo?s clean, grid-based design and elegant typography make it perfect for a one-page announcement site, a photoblog, a journal? or anything else you... News  |  
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03 / setembro 11:30
New themes for a new orkut
orkut, themes, chrome, google, theme
Like you, the Google Chrome team was pretty excited last week to see all the new features debut on orkut. The improved page rendering and image loading on orkut really take advantage of the speed and functionality of modern web browsers like Chrome. It got us thinking: how can we show how excit...

Orkut Blog  |  
74 acessos
25 / março 13:46
New Theme: Rusty Grunge
It is time to introduce a new free theme which goes by the appropriately evocative name of Rusty Grunge. It goes without saying, this theme has all the rusty and grungy elements needed to appeal to all those who embrace grunginess in themes. It has a light content area over a dark background, and... News  |  
197 acessos
30 / março 15:21
New Theme: Basic Maths
Reminiscent of primordial grid designs used in different print mediums, Basic Maths is one of the most elegant, and smartly-designed themes we?ve ever seen. We are thrilled to have it now available for sites as a Premium Theme. One particular thing of note about Basic Maths, is that... News  |  
138 acessos
27 / novembro 09:58
WP Furniture Theme
templates, divalign, furniture, wordpress
Demo: Read more: WP Furniture Theme Related posts:ThemeForest ? Furniture Store PSD Theme ? Original File ThemeForest - Furniture Store PSD Theme ...ThemeForest ? The Furniture Store ? eCommerce HTML Template ? DARK ? Rip The Furniture Store - eCommerce HTML Template...

Tendencia-virtual  |  
85 acessos
08 / novembro 14:21
Cobaltify WordPress Theme
templates, cobaltifywordpress, divalign, wordpress
See the rest here: Cobaltify WordPress Theme Related posts:6 Newest WordPress Theme by Themeforest THemes: Avisio Busines Breeze Professionl Hyperion 6 in 1...Top 20 Premium WordPress Theme Pack 4, Free Hotfile WP Theme Download Top 20 Premium Wordpress Theme Pack 4, Free Hotfile...Woo Typebase...

Tendencia-virtual  |  
46 acessos
06 / janeiro 11:00
Theme Updates for Custom Menus and More
Last year we?the Theme Team?were quite busy, not only offering you 29 great new themes, but also improving the themes you already love and use on your sites. In case you haven?t looked closely at your theme in a while we?d like to point out several recent improvements. Custom Menus ... News  |  
263 acessos
07 / dezembro 20:22
Divas Free WordPress Theme
templates, divasfree, divalign, wordpress
Demo Here is the original post: Divas Free WordPress Theme Related posts:HostingMax ? free wordpress theme DEMO HostingMax is a free WordPress theme with...Mag Duo ? Free WordPress Theme DEMO http://www.way2zenith...

Tendencia-virtual  |  
56 acessos
07 / dezembro 23:06
Flickrpress ? Free WordPress Theme
free, templates, divalign, wordpress
Demo Read this article: Flickrpress ? Free WordPress Theme Related posts:Free WordPress Theme ? Rediffno Demo: ...Komodo Free WordPress Theme Komodo Free WordPress Theme Komodo is a Premium Magazine...Red Hot 1.5 Pro FREE WordPress Theme Red Hot 1.5 Pro Wor...

Tendencia-virtual  |  
70 acessos
13 / novembro 19:42
Premium Health & Lifestyle Theme
templates, cms, thezip, magazinestyled, andmuch
This magazine styled theme, is perfect for bloggers who are in the ?Health and Lifestyle? niche. It is customizable where you can tweak the theme easily, with specific instructions given in the zip file. See the article here: Premium Health & Lifestyle Theme Related posts:Premium Make Mo...

Tendencia-virtual  |  
80 acessos
08 / agosto 12:23
Inspire by WooThemes ? WordPress Theme
yourwork, templates, divalign, andlovely, featuredarea
Inspire is a highly functional theme by WooThemes that has a custom homepage with a featured area powered by jQuery, and lovely mini-featured area. This along with the included portfolio page template makes it perfect to use for your business to show off your work or products. View original pos...

Tendencia-virtual  |  
95 acessos
07 / dezembro 20:45
World of Warcraft Free WordPress Theme

World of Warcraft New is WordPress theme for gaming site. Featuring modern jQuery Powered Sliding Gallery, and theme options page. Compatible for WordPress 3.0 Read this article: World of Warcraft Free WordPress Theme Related posts:Astylist ? Free WordPress Theme Astylist is WordPress theme wit...

Tendencia-virtual  |  
827 acessos
16 / dezembro 10:49
Pyramids and the Sphinx Theme
pyramids, sphinx, windows, pacote, theme
Desenvolvido exclusivamente para sistemas Windows 7, o pacote Pyramids and the Sphinx é uma excelente alternativa de personalização para os que curtem viagens, história, culturas estrangeiras, e em especial, o Egito. O pacote brinda o observador com belíssimos registros fotográficos de monumentos...

Baixatudo  |  
30 acessos
30 / novembro 00:19
Ambi Light-Free WordPress Business Themes
templates, cms, different, beautiful, yourfeeling
This beautiful template is compatible with latest WordPress versions and of course, backward compatible. Coming with threaded comments and a couple of other useful settings and tested on major web browsers Continued here: Ambi Light-Free WordPress Business Themes Related posts:Pad Mess ? ...

Tendencia-virtual  |  
79 acessos
23 / março 17:43
Wow Your iPad Readers
tablet, apple, ipad, html5, themes
With the launch of Apple?s iPad we have seen the future of computing and it is touch. Nothing matches the visceral feel of navigating your digital world with your hands. The past four months we?ve been working closely with Onswipe to bring your iPad visitors our vision of what a blog can look lik... News  |  
93 acessos
29 / março 00:33
WWE WrestleMania XXXII: Novos combates anunciados!
per, views, pay, wwe, wrestlemania
No próximo dia 3 de Abril, a WWE realiza o maior evento de esportes de entretenimento do mundo, a WrestleMania. A trigésima segunda edição do "Showcase of Immortals" será realizada no AT&T Stadium, em Dallas, no Texas. Em seu site oficial, a WWE anunciou mais algumas, que possivelmente serão as ...

House Of Wrestling  |  
16 acessos
17 / novembro 16:00
Infinite Theme Styles with Custom CSS
customization, design
There are 100+ themes to choose from here at, and many of them have customizable backgrounds, menus, content layouts, and headers you can change yourself (like our new default theme Twenty Ten), and we have many more new themes planned. But you can also take your site?s customizatio... News  |  
82 acessos
07 / janeiro 22:10
Site Template Monster 29728 ? Magento Theme - Template Para Todos
template, monster
Site Template Monster 29728 ? Magento Theme Dezembro 31st, 2010 TPT No Comments Site Template 29728 ? Magento Theme Item number: 29728 Type: Magento Theme Author: Mercury Sources Available: .PSD;.CSS;.FLA;.PHTML;.SWF;.XML Software Required: Adobe Photoshop CS+; Our magento themes are designed t...

Templates Web Design  |  
453 acessos
07 / janeiro 23:18
Watch: Ford Electrifies the Detroit Auto Show
With gas prices rising, the theme of this year's show is electric cars.

ABC News: Top Stories  |  
82 acessos
22 / dezembro 13:27
Confira 7 temas para sua SpringBoard #5
theme, temas, springboard
1- Assssin\?s Creed; 2- Gl0w dark; 3- iMagine para SBSettings; 4- Schule Schloss Salem; 5- iMagine (imagem abaixo); 6- The legend of Zelda; 7- Hollywood Undead Theme (imagem abaixo); 5- 7- Todos estão na repo do ModMyi.

Blog iTouchBR  |  
236 acessos
15 / novembro 15:12
50 Cent Subject of Lawsuit
music, news
Jackson, accusing the rapper of copyright infringement and unfair competition. This one is particularly ugly, as Winstead says Fitty stole the plot and theme of his 2008 book, The Preachers Son ? But the Streets Turned Me  |  
79 acessos
17 / dezembro 21:15
Confira 7 temas para sua SpringBoard #4
tema, themes, temas
Continuando com os posts de temas? 1- Android uNo; 2- Dark-heart\?s; 3- Final Fantasy 7; 4- HTC Desire Mod; 5- iWood theme; 6- Kenzie is Awesome; 7- MBEx iFusion HD. Todos estão no repo do Mod Myi. Se você tem sua listinha de temas, envie para

Blog iTouchBR  |  
102 acessos
22 / agosto 19:56
RT Meridian v1.5.5
templates, divalign, meridian
RT Meridian v1.5.5 More: RT Meridian v1.5.5 Related posts:RT Meridian v1.5.4 Update ? Joomla Template The Meridian Joomla 1.5 template has been updated to...Meridian 1.5.4 Update Released ...Rocket Theme Here are my rocket theme uploads: Demo are here Related p...

Tendencia-virtual  |  
87 acessos
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